War Factory, Neal Asher, Tor UK

Título original War Factory, Neal Asher, Tor UK
Sinopsis / Texto de contraportada

In War Factory, Thorvald Spear is still desperate to hunt down the damaged artificial intelligence, Penny Royal. While at war with the alien prador, the AI had apparently left Spear to die and killed thousands of his comrades. But now things aren't as clear-cut as they’d seemed. Does Spear remember the correct version of events? Has Penny Royal been meddling with his recall and his very identity? And if so, why…

The prador Sverl also pursues Penny Royal, to confront the AI over changes it made to his biology. Sverl is transforming into something part-human and part-AI, a betrayal to his own kind. And the prador Cvorn plans to use Sverl’s conversion to trigger a new war with humanity – if he can track down Sverl in turn.

Penny Royal seems set on returning to its origins, to a long-missing War Factory. And the AI's enemies will follow it to the bitter end.

Editorial y colección Tor UK Edición AVANCE Their sanity hangs in the balance – as does a potential galactic war.

Tipo Novela