James Tiptree, Jr.

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Premios 15 Nominaciones 71 Listas 95


Hugo Awards 2 Nominaciones 10

Nebula Awards 3 Nominaciones 9

Locus Awards 2 Nominaciones 35
1991 Collection Her Smoke Rose Up Forever .
1989 Collection Crown of Stars .
1989 Novella The Color of Neanderthal Eyes [El color de los ojos del Neanderthal] .
1989 Novelette The Earth Doth Like a Snake Renew .
1989 11º Novella Backward, Turn Backward .
1988 13º Novelette Yanqui Doodle .
1988 Short Story In Midst of Life .
1988 23º Novelette Second Going .
1987 16º Collection Tales of the Quintana Roo .
1987 Novella Collision .
1987 Novella Good Night, Sweethearts .
1987 12º Collection The Starry Rift .
1986 Novella The Only Neat Thing to Do .
1986 12º Collection Byte Beautiful .
1986 SF Novel Brightness Falls from the Air .
1984 Short Story Beyond the Dead Reef [Más allá del arrecife muerto] .
1983 Short Story The Boy Who Waterskied to Forever [El joven que esquió hasta la eternidad] .
1982 Novelette Out of the Everywhere .
1982 Novelette Lirios: A Tale of the Quintana Roo [What Came Ashore at Lirios] [Lirios (Un relato de Quintana Roo)] .
1982 Novella With Delicate Mad Hands .
1982 Collection (Single Author) Out of the Everywhere, and Other Extraordinary Visions .
1981 Novella Slow Music [Música lenta] .
1979 12º Novel Up the Walls of the World [En la cima del mundo] .
1978 Short Fiction The Screwfly Solution [El eslabón más débil] .
1977 Novella Houston, Houston, Do You Read? [Houston, Houston, ¿Me recibe?] .
1977 Novelette The Psychologist Who Wouldn't Do Awful Things to Rats [El psicólogo que no quería maltratar a las ratas] .
1976 Novella A Momentary Taste of Being [Un momentáneo sabor de existencia] .
1976 Collection (Single Author) Warm Worlds and Otherwise [Mundos Cálidos y Otros] .
1974 18º Short Fiction The Women Men Don't See [Las mujeres que los hombres no ven] .
1974 Short Fiction The Girl Who Was Plugged In [La muchacha que estaba conectada] .
1974 Short Fiction Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death [Amor es el plan, el plan es la muerte] .
1974 Anthology / Collection (Reprint) Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home [A diez mil años luz] .
1973 Short Fiction Painwise [Sabio en dolor] .
1973 Short Fiction And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side [Y desperté y me hallé aquí en el lado frío de la colina] .
1973 18º Short Fiction The Milk of Paradise [La leche de Paraíso] .

World Fantasy Awards 1 Nominaciones 1

Jupiter Awards 1 Nominaciones 3

Premios Ignotus 0 Nominaciones 1

Seiun Awards 3 Nominaciones 4
2008 Foreign Novel Brightness Falls from the Air .
2000 Foreign Short Fiction Out of the Everywhere .
1998 F Foreign Short Fiction Come Live with Me .
1988 Foreign Short Fiction The Only Neat Thing to Do .

Asimovs Readers Poll 0 Nominaciones 3

Hayakawa's SF 2 Nominaciones 2
1997 Foreign Short Story Come Live with Me .
1993 Foreign Short Story With Delicate Mad Hands .

SF Chronicle 1 Nominaciones 1

Premios Gigamesh de narrativa fantástica 0 Nominaciones 2