Bram Stoker Awards

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Long Fiction

The Blue Heron , Gene O'Neill.
F Thirty Miles South of Dry County , Kealan Patrick Burke.
F I'm Not Sam , Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee.
F Lost Girl of the Lake , Joe McKinney & Michael McCarty.
F The Fleshless Man , Norman Prentiss.

Short Fiction


Shadow Show: All-New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury , Mort Castle & Sam Weller, eds..
F Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations , Eric J. Guignard, ed..
F Hell Comes to Hollywood , Eric Miller, ed..
F Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology , Mark C. Scioneaux, R. J. Cavender & Robert S. Wilson, eds..
F Slices of Flesh , Stan Swanson, ed..


First Novel

Young Adult Novel

Non Fiction

Graphic Novel

Poetry Collection

Vampires, Zombies & Wanton Souls , Marge Simon.
F A Verse to Horrors , Michael Collings.
F Dark Duet , Linda Addison & Stephen M. Wilson.
F Lovers & Killers , Mary A. Turzillo.
F Notes from the Shadow City , Bruce Boston & Gary William Crawford.


Specialty Press Award

Centipede Press , Jerad Walters.

Richard Laymon President's Award

Silver Hammer Award

Lifetime Achievement