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Short Story

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Graphic Story

Dramatic Presentation, Long Form

Fantasia , Joe Grant (wr), Dick Huemer (wr), Samuel Armstrong (dr).
The Thief of Bagdad [El ladrón de Bagdad] , Lajos Bíró (wr), Miles Malleson (wr), Michael Powell (dr), Ludwig Berger (dr), Tim Whelan (dr).
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe , George H. Plympton (wr), Basil Dickey (wr), Barry Shipman (wr), Ford Beebe (dr), Ray Taylor (dr).
One Million B.C. , Mickell Novack (wr), George Baker (wr), Joseph Frickert (wr), Hal Roach (dr), Hal Roach, Jr. (dr).
Dr. Cyclops , Tom Kilpatrick (wr), Ernest B. Schoedsack (dr).

Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

Pinocchio , Ted Sears (wr), Ben Sharpsteen (dr), Hamilton Luske (dr).
Merrie Melodies: A Wild Hare , Rich Hogan (wr), Tex Avery (dr).
Looney Tunes: You Ought to Be in Pictures , Jack Miller (wr), Friz Freleng (dr).
The Adventures of Superman: The Baby from Krypton , George Ludlam (wr), Frank Chase (pr).
The Invisible Man Returns , Joe May (wr), Kurt Siodmak (wr), Lester Cole (wr), Joe May (dr).

Editor - Short Form

Editor - Long Form

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Professional Artist


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Futuria Fantasia , Ray Bradbury.
Le Zombie , Wilson [Bob] Tucker, ed..
Spaceways , Harry Warner, Jr., ed..
Voice of the Imagi-Nation , Forrest J. Ackerman & Myrtle R. Douglas, eds..
Novacious , Forrest J. Ackerman & Morojo.


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Fan Writer

Fan Artist

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