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SF Novel

Fantasy Novel


The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Eighteenth Annual Collection , Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant, eds..
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-second Annual Collection , Gardner Dozois, ed..
The Best of the Best: 20 Years of the Year's Best Science Fiction , Gardner Dozois, ed..
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The Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century , Harry Turtledove & Martin H. Greenberg, eds..
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Best Short Novels: 2005 , Jonathan Strahan, ed..
Nebula Awards Showcase 2005 , Jack Dann, ed..
10º Year's Best Fantasy 5 , David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer, eds..
11º Nova Scotia: New Scottish Speculative Fiction , Neil Williamson & Andrew J. Wilson. eds..
12º Tesseracts Nine: New Canadian Speculative Fiction , Nalo Hopkinson & Geoff Ryman, eds..
13º Galileo's Children: Tales of Science vs. Superstition , Gardner Dozois, ed..
14º The Fair Folk , Marvin Kaye, ed..
15º Science Fiction: The Best of 2004 , Karen Haber & Jonathan Strahan, eds..
16º Fantasy: The Best of 2004 , Karen Haber & Jonathan Strahan, eds..
17º Future Washington , Ernest Lilley, ed..


Magic for Beginners , Kelly Link.
Looking for Jake and Other Stories , China Miéville.
Harrowing the Dragon , Patricia A. McKillip.
Platinum Pohl , Frederik Pohl.
Tales , H. P. Lovecraft; Peter Straub, ed..
The Children of the Company , Kage Baker.
Starwater Strains , Gene Wolfe.
Heart of Whitenesse , Howard Waldrop.
The Emperor of Gondwanaland and Other Stories , Paul Di Filippo.
10º Years in the Making: The Time-Travel Stories of L. Sprague de Camp , L. Sprague de Camp.
11º I Live With You , Carol Emshwiller.
12º Strange Itineraries , Tim Powers.
13º The Man Who Lost the Sea: Volume X: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon , Theodore Sturgeon.
14º The Masque of Mañana , Robert Sheckley.
15º Mothers and Other Monsters , Maureen F. McHugh.
16º Sea Kings of Mars and Otherworldly Stories , Leigh Brackett.
17º 20th Century Ghosts [Fantasmas] , Joe Hill.
18º Across the Wall , Garth Nix.
19º Two-handed Engine: The Selected Stories of Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore , Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore.
20º George Alec Effinger Live! From Planet Earth , George Alec Effinger.
21º Cultural Breaks , Brian W. Aldiss.
22º To Charles Fort, With Love , Caitlín R. Kiernan.
23º Greetings and Other Stories , Terry Bisson.
24º Wild Things , Charles Coleman Finlay.
25º The Cuckoo's Boys , Robert Reed.
26º The Gist Hunter and Other Stories , Matthew Hughes.
27º The Shadow at the Bottom of the World , Thomas Ligotti.
28º Little Machines , Paul J. McAuley.
29º Attack of the Jazz Giants and Other Stories , Gregory Frost.

First Novel

Young Adult Book



Short Story

Non Fiction

Art Book



Fantasy & Science Fiction , Gordon van Gelder, ed..
Asimov's Science Fiction , Sheila Williams, ed..
Analog , Stanley Schmidt, ed..
Sci Fiction , Ellen Datlow, ed..
Interzone , Andy Cox, ed..
Realms of Fantasy , Shawna McCarthy, ed..
Emerald City , Cheryl Morgan, ed..
Strange Horizons , Susan Marie Groppi, ed..
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18º The Infinite Matrix .
19º Weird Tales , George H. Scithers, Darrell Schweitzer & John Gregory Betancourt, eds..
20º The Third Alternative .
21º Infinity Plus .
22º Amazing Stories , Jeff Berkwits, ed..

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Tor .
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Del Rey .
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Ace .
Night Shade Books .
Golden Gryphon .
Subterranean Press .
10º PS Publishing , Peter Crowther.
11º Small Beer Press .
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13º Gollancz .
14º NESFA Press .
15º Meisha Merlin .
16º SFBC .
17º Pyr .
18º Tachyon .
19º Roc .
20º Firebird .
21º Orbit .
22º Voyager .
23º St. Martin's .
24º Arkham House .
25º Prime .
26º Wheatland .
27º Luna Press .
28º Warner Aspect .