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SF Novel

Fantasy Novel


The Year's Best Science Fiction: Seventeenth Annual Collection , Gardner Dozois, ed..
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: Thirteenth Annual Collection , Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds..
Year's Best SF 5 , David G. Hartwell, ed..
Vanishing Acts , Ellen Datlow, ed..
Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora , Sheree R. Thomas, ed..
Black Heart , Ivory Bones, ed..
The SFWA Grand Masters: Volume Two , Frederik Pohl, ed..
Nebula Awards Showcase 2000 , Gregory Benford, ed..
The Furthest Horizon: SF Adventures to the Far Future , Gardner Dozois, ed..
10º Arkham's Masters of Horror , Peter Ruber, ed..
11º Explorers: SF Adventures to Far Horizons , Gardner Dozois, ed..
12º October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween , Richard Chizmar & Robert Morrish, eds..
13º Skylife: Space Habitats in Story and Science , Gregory Benford & George Zebrowski, eds..
14º Dark Terrors 5: The Gollancz Book of Horror , Stephen Jones & David Sutton, eds..
15º Star Colonies , Martin H. Greenberg & John Helfers, eds..
16º Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction , Nalo Hopkinson, ed..
17º A Wolf at the Door and Other Retold Fairy Tales , Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds..
18º The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume Eleven , Stephen Jones, ed..
19º Foursight , Peter Crowther, ed..


First Novel



Short Story

The Missing Mass , Larry Niven.
Moon Dogs , Michael Swanwick.
Silver Ghost , Stephen Baxter.
The Royals of Hegn [La realeza de Hegn] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Sheena 5 , Stephen Baxter.
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O , Michael Swanwick.
Interstitial , Paul J. McAuley.
Winter Quarters , Howard Waldrop.
The Fantasy Writer's Assistant [El ayudante del escritor de fantasía] , Jeffrey Ford.
10º Lucy , Terry Bisson.
11º The Art of Fugue , Charles Sheffield.
11º Fenneman's Mouth , Andy Duncan.
13º Patient Zero , Tananarive Due.
14º Our Mortal Span , Howard Waldrop.
15º The War of the Worlds , James P. Blaylock.
16º The Mandrake Garden , Brian Stableford.
16º Partial Eclipse [Eclipse parcial] , Graham Joyce.
18º The Eye in the Heart , Tanith Lee.
19º Greedy Choke Puppy , Nalo Hopkinson.
19º The Flyers of Gy: An Interplanetary Tale [Los voladores de Gy] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
21º Under the Hill , Jane Yolen.
22º Reality Check , David Brin.
23º Madame Bovary, c'est moi , Dan Simmons.
24º The Neon Heart Murders [Los asesinos del corazón de neón] , M. John Harrison.
25º The Reluctant Book , Paul Di Filippo.
26º Malthusian's Zombie [El zombie de Malthusian] , Jeffrey Ford.
27º Fidelity: A Primer , Michael Blumlein.
27º Catching Crumbs from the Table [La evolución de la ciencia humana] , Ted Chiang.
29º Snow in Summer , Jane Yolen.
30º How Beautiful With Banners , Michael Bishop.
31º The Foster Child , William Browning Spencer.
32º The Millennial Express , Robert Silverberg.
33º Steppenpferd [Steppenpferd] , Brian W. Aldiss.
34º Colours of the Soul , Sean McMullen.

Non Fiction

Art Book



Asimov's Science Fiction , Gardner Dozois, ed..
Fantasy & Science Fiction , Gordon van Gelder, ed..
Analog , Stanley Schmidt, ed..
Interzone , David Pringle, ed..
Realms of Fantasy , Shawna McCarthy, ed..
The New York Review of Science Fiction , David G. Hartwell & Kevin J. Maroney, eds..
Cemetery Dance , Richard T. Chizmar, ed..
Science Fiction Chronicle , Andrew I. Porter, ed..
Science Fiction Age , Scott Edelman, ed..
10º Weird Tales , George H. Scithers & Darrell Schweitzer, eds..
11º Science Fiction Weekly .
12º Spectrum SF , Paul Fraser, ed..
13º Ansible , David Langford, ed..
14º Century , Robert K. J. Killheffer, ed..
15º Sci Fiction , Ellen Datlow, ed..
16º Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine , Rachel E. Holmen, ed..
17º Amazing Stories , Kim Mohan, ed..
18º Aboriginal SF , Charles C. Ryan, ed..

Publisher (Book) / imprint

Tor .
HarperCollins/Eos Prism .
Bantam Spectra .
Baen .
Del Rey .
Ace .
Golden Gryphon .
NESFA Press .
10º Subterranean Press .
11º Voyager .
12º Gollancz/Millennium .
13º St. Martin's .
14º Warner Aspect .
15º Roc .
16º SFBC .
17º Cemetery Dance .
18º Meisha Merlin .
19º Pocket .
20º Wildside Press .