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Short Story

Related Non-Fiction Book

Dramatic Presentation

The Empire Strikes Back [El imperio contraataca] , Irvin Kershner (dr); Leigh Bracket & Lawrence Kasdan (sc); George Lucas (st).
The Lathe of Heaven [La rueda celeste] , Fred Barzyk (dr) & David R. Loxton (dr); Diane English & Roger Swaybill (sc).
Cosmos [Cósmos] , Carl Sagan (dr) (wr) & Ann Druyan (dr) (wr).
The Martian Chronicles [Crónicas marcianas] , Michael Anderson (dr); Richard Matheson (sc).
Flash Gordon [Flash Gordon] , Mike Hodges (dr); Lorenzo Semple, Jr. (sc).

Professional Editor

Professional Artist


Locus , Charles N. Brown, ed..
Science Fiction Review , Richard E. Geis, ed..
File 770 , Mike Glyer, ed..
Starship , Andrew I. Porter, ed..
Science Fiction Chronicle , Andrew I. Porter, ed..

Fan Writer

Fan Artist

Special Award

Edward L. Ferman. [his effort to expand and improve writing quality in the field]