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Short Fiction

Dramatic Presentation

Desierto .
F Burn, Witch, Burn (Night of the Eagle) , Sidney Hayers (dr); Charles Beaumont (sc), Richard Matheson (sc) & George Baxt (sc).
F The Day the Earth Caught Fire [El día en que la Tierra se incendió] , Val Guest (dr) (wr); Wolf Mankowitz (wr).
F Last Year at Marienbad [El año pasado en Marienbad] , Alain Resnais (dr) (sc); Alain Robbe-Grillet (sc).
F The Twilight Zone: [S3.E16-S3.E37] [Dimensión desconocida] .

Professional Magazine

Fantasy & Science Fiction , Robert P. Mills & Avram Davidson, eds..
F Analog Science Fiction and Fact , John W. Campbell, Jr., ed..
F Fantastic Stories of Imagination / Fantastic , Cele Goldsmith, ed..
F Galaxy Magazine , Frederik Pohl, ed..
F Science Fantasy , John Carnell, ed..

Professional Artist


Xero , Richard A. Lupoff & Pat Lupoff, eds..
F Mirage , Jack L. Chalker, ed..
F Shangri L'Affaires , Fred Patten, Albert Lewis, Bjo Trimble & John Trimble, eds..
F Warhoon , Richard Bergeron, ed..
F Yandro , Robert Coulson & Juanita Coulson, eds..

Special Award

Isaac Asimov. ["adding science to Science Fiction" by his F&SF science articles]
P. Schuyler Miller. [The Reference Library (book reviews in Analog)]