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Short Fiction

Dramatic Presentation

The Twilight Zone: [S2.E12-E29;S3.E1-E15] [Dimensión desconocida] , Rod Serling.
F Village of the Damned [1961] , Wolf Rilla (dr) (wr), Stirling Silliphant & Ronald Kinnoch (wr).
F The Fabulous World of Jules Verne , Karel Zeman (dr) (sc); Frantisek Hrubin (sc).
F The United States Steel Hour: The Two Worlds of Charlie Gordon [S08-E13] , Jame Yaffe (tp).
F Thriller: [S1.E16-E37-S2.E1-E14] .

Professional Magazine

Analog Science Fiction and Fact , John W. Campbell, Jr., ed..
F Amazing Stories , Cele Goldsmith, ed..
F Galaxy Magazine , H. L. Gold & Frederik Pohl, eds..
F Science Fantasy , John Carnell, ed..
F Fantasy & Science Fiction , Robert P. Mills, ed..

Professional Artist


Warhoon , Richard Bergeron, ed..
F Axe , Larry Shaw & Noreen Shaw, eds..
F Cry , F. M. Busby, Elinor Busby & Wally Weber, eds..
F Amra , George H. Scithers, ed..
F Yandro , Robert Coulson & Juanita Coulson, eds..

Special Committee Award

Fritz Leiber. [and Hoffman Electronic Corporation - for the use of SF in advertisements]
Donald H. Tuck. [The Handbook of Science Fiction and Fantasy]
Cele Goldsmith. [editing Amazing and Fantastic]