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Cover Illustration (Hardback)

Cover Illustration (Paperback)

Cover Illustration (Magazine)

Interior Illustration

Color Work (Unpublished)

Monochrome Work (Unpublished)


Gaming Related Illustration

Product Illustration

Art Director

Irene Gallo.
F Dawn Murin.
F Howard Frank & Jane Frank. [The Haggard Project]
F Arnie Fenner & Cathy Fenner.

Artistic Achievement

Contribution To Asfa

Teresa Patterson.
F Maurizio Manzieri. [for Kinuko Y. Craft interview, Spring/Summer ASFA Quarterly]
F David Deen. [for "The Summons" ASFA promo art]
F Geoffrey Surrette. [for maintenance of the ASFA website]
F Alan F. Beck & Holly Bird. [for ASFA Quarterly art direction]