British Fantasy Awards

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August Derleth Award (Novel)


Short Fiction



Non Fiction


Vincent Chong.
F Dave McKean. [por {The Graveyard Book} (Bloomsbury)]
F Edward Miller [Les Edwards].
F Portada de {The Land at the End of the Working Day, Peter Crowther} , Lee Thompson.
F Portada de {Vault of Deeds, James Barclay} , Edward Miller.


Postscripts , Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers, eds..
F Interzone , Andy Cox, eds..
F Black Static , Andy Cox, ed..
F Midnight Street , Trevor Denyer.
F SFX , David Bradley, ed..

Small Press

Elastic Press , Andrew Hook.
F NewCon Press , Ian Whates.
F Pendragon Press , Christopher Teague.
F Screaming Dreams , Steve Upham.
F TTA Press , Andy Cox, ed..