British Fantasy Awards

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August Derleth Award (Novel)

Short Fiction


The Savage Sword of Conan # 30: Scarlet Citadel , Roy Thomas, Frank Brunner.
F Warlord # 14: All Men are Mine , Mike Grell.
F Rampaging Hulk # 7: Among the Great Divide , Steve Gerber, Jim Starlin & Bob Wiaceck.
F Faster-Than-Light Interstellar Drive: 1984 , Jim Stenstrum & Luis Bremejo.
F Marvel Preview # 14: Sandsong , Chris Claremont & Carmine Infantino.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind [Encuentros en la tercera fase] , Steven Spielberg (dr) (wr).
F Star Wars [La guerra de las galaxias] , George Lucas (dr) (wr).
F Rabid [Rabia] , David Cronenberg (dr).
F The Shout [El grito] , Jerzy Skolimowski (dr).


Boris Vallejo. [The Amazon Princess and Her Pet, cover of 'Boris' magazine]
F Brian Froud. [The Land of Froud (Plate 12)]
F Jeffrey Jones. [Artwork in Queens Walk in the Dust [page 97] (Thomas Burnett Swann)]
F Simon Horsfall. [The Sorcerer (Longbore the Inexhaustible), British Fantasy Society]
F Portada de {Hasan, Piers Anthony} , George Barr.

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